the wired

A place for folks to make friends, talk about their hobbies, and explore themselves along the axes of sexuality and kink.

We believe any fantasy is fine to have as long as your values and deeds remain ethical.

No ID verification required; we go by the honor system!

Who we want


  • Autistic, plural, chronically ill, and/or LGBTQ+ identifying people
  • Allies with demonstrable understanding of trans perspective
  • Transhumanists who enjoy computer science and anime
  • Internet-obsessed hard chatters who want to read all the posts
  • Free use sluts and those keen on power differentials in relationships

Qualities & Beliefs

  • High openness and agreeableness
  • Capability and prioritization of compassion & conscientiousness
  • Able to self-moderate to some extent and do conflict de-escalation
  • Anti-ostracization, high propensity for accommodation
  • High value placed on freedom of expression and bodily autonomy
  • Introspective, with much thought put to cross-domain ethics

What we like to see

  • Extended and thoughtful discussions
  • Riffing off and banting with friends
  • Sharing fantasies, experiences, and smut
  • Wholesome, appropriately edgy, or degenerate memes
  • Casual and consensual flirting, teasing or bullying~

Why choose us?

  • Being smol, you'll have a big say~
  • Our own bot, developed just for you!
  • Counseling for life problems
  • Over 100 role tags to show off
  • Question of the day curated by our community
  • Personal introduction threads
  • Member lewds channel (extra verification required)
  • Bot-mediated lewd content feeds

Staff qualifications

  • ~10 years or more experience with: community building, practicing ethical kink, and polamory
  • Understanding, reasonable moderation style
  • Open to having our decisions questioned and challenged
  • Formally trained in matters of kink safety through local community

(( tags: queer sexting rack cnc ageplay guro petplay ))

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