☕ watson's campfire

🔥 we are a small and friendly community looking to make friends! 🔥
come join in and share your clips, art, music, or personality!

,, chill, active, vc.. what else do we offer? (lvl 2 boost!)

🍟 | 200+ members
🍭 | self assignable roles
🗣 | fun and active members
🙏 | suggestions channel!
💎 | fun community :D
🍰 | friendly and welcoming.

🌸 colors and roles for new members, dont like your standard color? pick a new one of your choice!

🌷 Active chats and a unique and friendly community happy to welcome you and make sure your day is going well!

🌸 Helpful admins and staff moderation team to help and assist you in anything you need help with!

🌷 are you into gaming or art? we have designated channels for you to share your gaming clips and express your creativity among other members!

🌸 Is something not right? did we miss something? use our suggestions channel to help let us know what to do and how to fix it!

🌷 Are you a server owner looking for a partnership? come join and enquire and the owner will evaluate your request!

  • watson (owner) 🍒

🌸 always hiring pms/ams

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