[BA] - British Army

Welcome to the British Army! We are a Roblox Military group who has reformed after 1-2 month duration shutdown. We have a total of 13 Regiments, (more to open in the future), and they are listed below! Join us as an enlisted personnel and rank up all the way to becoming a General in the BA!


[COD] - Chief of Defense: ScoutValour
[VCOD] - Vice Chief of Defense: HarveyValour
[GA] - General of the Army: iicyLion


[RMP] - Royal Military Police: ”By example shall we lead.”
[UKSF] - United Kingdom Special Forces: ”Who dares wins?”
[RGG] - Royal Grenadier Guards: ”Once a Grenadier, Always a Grenadier.”
[RGR] - Royal Gurkha Rifles: ”Better to die than to be a coward.”
[1ATD] - 1st Armoured Tank Division: ”Fear Naught.”

[AAC] - Army Air Corps: ”Sky’s no limit.”
[PARAS] - The Parachute Regiment: ”Ready for Anything.”

[ETS] - Education and Training Services: ”Courage and Faith.”
[BOP] - British Officer Program: "Serve to Lead."
[JA] - Judge’s Advocate: "Independent and Impartial."
[RAMC] - Royal Army Medical Corps: ”Faithful in Adversity.”

[RIC] - Royal Intelligence Corps: ”Knowledge gives strength to the arm.”
[PATROL] - Patrol and Moderation: ”Wisdom, Justice, and Successes.”

If you have any questions regarding the Regiments and or just anything in particular, do not hesitate to DM 🐼panda🐼#0001 on Discord!

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