💮Rōnin - 丂ㄒ尺乇乇ㄒ💮

==👋 Sup people of discord.io!==

This is advertisement is for the discord server:
💮Rōnin - 丂ㄒ尺乇乇ㄒ 💮


You are more than welcome to join our server! Mi casa, su casa.

We chill uk

This server includes:
🎬-Film and Cinematography channel (Here you can post any recommendations on movies/tv shows, or talk about anything regarding film!)
🖼-Art channel (Here you can post anything regarding art, you could have discussions of an art piece, upload art pieces, and YOUR very own art pieces!)
🎮-Gaming channel (Here you can post anything regarding gaming, this can include anything from info about pc parts all the way to when GTA 6 is going to be released! In this server, we love Roblox so if there is any Roblox fan reading this, this is the server for you!)
🤣-Memes channel (Here you can post the most random shit meme related tho, from shitpost to intellectual to dank you can react, create, and share funi shit)
😈-Absolute Mayhem channel (Now, this one is an NSFW and spam chat because NO rules apply in this channel, U can essentially post anything, and when we mean anything, we mean anything. From hentai to 4chan threads you can do anything here!)
💢-Anime and Manga channel (Here you can talk about anything related to Anime and Manga or when a new anime or a new manga is coming out!)

We also have these bots on our server:
Dank Memer, Doppio, MEE6, Rythm, Lofi Radio, Naruto Botto, OwO, Pokétwo, Dyno, Youtube and more bots!

If you have any questions or suggestions about this, please do not hesitate to contact either Dark_Matter#2412, MJMC#3849, or Takashi Haru ジョバンニ#4383

We hope to see you at 💮Rōnin - 丂ㄒ尺乇乇ㄒ 💮! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Server Owner: Takashi Haru ジョバンニ#4383

Warm regards,
The 💮Rōnin - 丂ㄒ尺乇乇ㄒ 💮 Staff :D.

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