Welcome to Platinum Gamerz
> Platinum Gamerz is a server that focuses on Community, Gaming, Giveaways & Advertising! We offer channels for people who are just looking for a fun time, channels for people just looking for growth, and channels for people who are just looking for a specific game!

**What does the server offers?
🌎 ➥ Friendly Members and Staff
💬 ➥ Tons of channels with mostly all topics
📈 ➥ Level Roles
🤖 ➥ Tons of bots to play with!
🎉 ➥ Free Giveaways
🗓️ ➥ Events!
💎 ➥ A wide variety of emojis and some booster perks
📋 ➥ You can also give us suggestions
💡 ➥ Tips for servers who just starting out
🤖 ➥ Bot setup help
🗞️ ➥ Instant News of popular games

What do you offer in return?
🫂 ➥ Active Members
🎁 ➥ Giveaways
🛠️ ➥Cool staff**

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3 Ratings
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    Server review:

    NS#5808March 23, 2023

    Great server well customized will be great if it was more active but the server is rlly good and friendly environment.

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    Best server

    Kiss#9999March 22, 2023

    Best of all times

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    Best server I have ever seen

    Platinum Gamerz#1124March 22, 2023

    Your will never regrect joining this server :)