Mobile Premier League (MPL) is a leading online gaming platform with a 100 Mn+ global user base. The app offers 12+ skill-based games, including puzzle games, casual games, card games, and more.

MPL's Top Features include
1) Play with Friends: Invite your friends & compete with them over a game of Bingo, 21 Puzzle, or 8 Ball Blast. Find out who's the ultimate winner!

2) User Generated Tournaments: Create and host private tournaments and ask your friends to join using a code. Decide the entry fee, duration, and prize break-up and you’re all set!

Some of the top games include -
[1] 8 Ball Blast: Unleash your inner pool master by playing MPL’s version of 8 Ball Pool with a twist!

[2] Bingo Clash: Miss playing at a bingo hall? MPL’s Bingo Clash replicates this experience virtually. Get your bingo card, mark off all called-out numbers, & secure high scores!

[3] Spider Solitaire: Do you have what it takes to win thrilling, fast-paced online battles in this old-school game? Create relevant sequences & quickly move them to the foundations.

[4] Block Puzzle: Imagine Tetris, but with a twist! Place blocks carefully to clear lines & score points in the given time limit.

Other Card Games: Cube Solitaire, 21 Puzzle, and Gin Rummy.
Board Games: Dominoes.
Casual Games: Stag Shooter, Who Wants to be a Millionaire.
Puzzle Games: Mahjong Puzzle, Wordzie.

Join our Discord server to stay on top of our game updates, announcements, giveaways, tips, and to connect with our fun and inclusive gaming community! We also encourage you to report app-related bugs and provide valuable feedback via Discord.

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