Go Karen

Hi and welcome to Karentown! 👱🏼
Our team at bloomingdesign.ca is launching a world-class brain bashing Karen NFT collection with additional FREE Karen’s Chiwawa collection 🐕 KAREN is a metaverse playinground with upcoming play to earn web3 games. Karen, Karen’s Chiwawa and Power Trippers (TBA) are the main characters within the genre of turn-based strategy.
If you never dealt with a Karen – lucky you! Grab your popcorn and search for some Karen videos.

What you need to know:

  • FREE mint of 222 Karen’s Chiwawa NFTs that get you whitelisted for Karen's presale.
  • One of every 500 wallets minting Karen will win $500 (randomly selected).
  • $10,000 community giveaways 💸 after Karen collection is sold out.
  • 5% of all Karen sales is donated (hard-coded in our contract) to the Mental Health Impact Index Fund (https://thegivingblock.com/impact-index-funds/mental-health/) ❤️‍🩹
  • Games, raffles, trivia nights exclusive to members 🏆
  • Participate in creation of some of the Rare Karen NFTs. Your ideas will be hand drawn by our artist and your (nick)name or custom message can be used as one of Karen’s trait names.
  • We’re looking forward to announcing a staking platform in September where you will reap the rewards based on your character’s rarity.

Karen is on Twitter: https://twitter.com/gokaren_nft
Nobody wants to hear what she has to say, but please give her a follow.

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