🖥️ — Welcome to ilovePCs — 🖥️

We are a PC passionate server. We talk everything about PCs and offer comprehensive FREE tech support by our knowledgeable advisors. This server aims to be the most feature rich tech Discord on with so many changes yet to come! Also, a @ Tech helpers ping is offered to everybody who needs faster responses. Unlike most PC Discord servers, we even have members that works for big PC companies such as Linus Tech Tips. We have the features listed below:

> - PC troubleshooting

> - We suggest prebuilts and laptops

> - We can help you with PC building

> - We offer a subreddit for PC help and meme posting

> - We offer game deals, we use bots post deals from r/GameDeals which is a well known subreddit for game deals. You can even choose to get notified of those deals via reaction roles.

> - Weekly challenging quizzes like Maths, riddles, science and etc.

> - Unlike most PC servers which only does US exclusive tech deals, this server automatically follows well known deal sites and subreddits from countries like US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany and more countries will be added. You can even choose to get notified of those deals via reaction roles.

> - A list of prebuilt recommendations

Any reviews of ilovePCs server on or even spreading word about this server would be highly appreciated! ❤️

Here is the permanent invite to my server:

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