Are you tired of servers that don’t do it right? 
                        Then we have the discord for you!
                      A server with people all over the world
                                 With one common goal
                To be one of the Best Pokèmon Servers in History
                 We are a family and help and support each other
                            Feel free to seek help or advice

What do we provide to our members?
➤ Many NITRO GIVEAWAYS and other giveaways like Netflix accounts/methods (uncracked)
➤ Pokèmon Giveaways ofcourse because everyone knows that a server without gws is boring
➤ Amazing Events and Tournament based on Myuu (ideas invented by our staff only)
➤ Kind community with no toxic people and private channels for routing
➤ Free 24/7 help and support and self assignable roles
➤ Top rated pokemon and other bots (dank memer: no rob, anigame, poketwo, etc.)
➤ Exclusive emojis you'll find no where in Discord!
➤ Premium purchased Music Bots (Hydra and Groovy) at 64kbps for comfortable noise-free songs
➤ Self-Promotion channel to share your servers, YT channels and other media.
➤ Each n every content in the server including the name, profile, template, etc. are original and made by our staff only so no one have the right to copy it!

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16 Ratings
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    werid in a cool way

    Tristan T2#9346September 18, 2021


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    Awesome server

    bananiel#7558April 20, 2021

    This is an amazing server with more than just myuu. great giveaways.

  • User Icon
    One of the best myuu's server

    Mercy✳#8050April 18, 2021

    They giveawaying good thing only for voting! Join this server or you'll miss it owo

  • User Icon
    Deserves your time

    Volcanion#6032April 17, 2021

    Totally worth joining if you are a Myuu player

  • User Icon

    Lakshya#7455April 17, 2021

    Owner says you to join my server right now and dm me to claim your free nitro :)

  • User Icon

    Pachirisu Breeder#2980April 17, 2021


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    Great Server

    TheRealDankLlama#1004April 17, 2021

    Great people, great giveaways, and a friendly environment.

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    Legitttttt server ;P

    Dräçø#1944April 16, 2021

    great server you should join right now but i just need voter role

  • User Icon
    Bc i want vote role =/

    IArctis| ッ#5730April 16, 2021

    Yey so good server still only want vote role

  • User Icon
    worth joining

    geometrydash9#5584April 16, 2021

    Awesome server and the giveaways are legit.
    Cant find a better legitttttttttttttttttttttttt server.........

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    server information

    VALT AOI#1808April 16, 2021

    best server in my life u cant get any good server then this

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    amazing giveaways

    Nเgђ† raveภ𓆪#8999April 16, 2021

    they do amazing giveaways and awsome prizes and events

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    Totally a cool server and worth joining

    ヾ´ ┌‸#1209April 16, 2021

    Not only cool it also has cool ga,design and thingzz! they r also kind and friendly Join Asap and dont miss anything!

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    Robert Disuza#7098April 16, 2021

    Amazing rewards zing zing :)

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    OP server!

    Mandris#2047April 16, 2021

    I would suggest you to join asap since you will find this type of friendly server nowhere!

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    Best Server you can ever find!

    Lakshya#7455April 16, 2021

    Join asap or ill kill you