Argent WoW

Greetings dear players. Im here to present you Argent WoW, based on SkyFire Project ( It's open source ) we opened a public server for everyone who wants to play Mists of Pandaria.
Also while we are playing, the bugs are reported to the SkyFire Devs so they can fix them and everyone can later to benefit of them by compiling it by their own.
In this case we want to bring more attention to SkyFire Project and slowly but surely to make this core one of the best.

The max level is locked at level 70 so we can make the server playable in the Classic and TBC and slowly WoTLK, Cata, MoP.
Dungeon finder doesn't work so you have to do dungeons like in the old times.
Ticket system is kinda bugged - GMs can't respond to ticked but they can see what is your problem.

The rates are:
Experiece - x3 ( since there are a lot of quests bugged ) |If you recruit a friend you get double xp while you both are in the same group.
Reputation - x3
Professions - x3

You can join now and help us to improve SkyFire!

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