Zony's Kingdom ♡

︱Server Info︱

 There are currently 7 categories. The 7th being 🔉︱Voice Channels

❓︱About Zony

 #︱basic-info - General info about myself
 #︱favorites - Info about my favorite hobbies


 #︱rules - Useful information on what and what not to do 
 #︱roles - Useful information on what leveling looks like and what you 
                 can unlock with them
#︱announcements - General useful updates for everyone to recieve


 #︱emotes - Suggest any emotes or stickers you think would be cool 
                      for us to utilize
 #︱movie-night - Where you can suggest what we can watch and have 
                            a blast watching it. 
 #︱server-ideas - Any idea you have to help improve the server
 #︱video-ideas - Any idea you have for me to do a YouTube video on 


 #︱general - Talk about anything
 #︱off-topic - Have 2nd hand convos while another is happening in    
 #︱memes - Post the most funniest memes you have/find
 #︱bot-spam - Self explanatory. Use this channel for any and all bots
 #︱promotion - Self promote yourself or anyone you deem worthy
 #︱personal - Talk about anything you want to get off your chest


 #︱art - Post any form of art you make or find
 #︱cinematic - Have discussions about any form of cinema such as Tv 
                         or Movies
 #︱games - Have discussions about any tye of video game or play any 
                     game that bots has to offer
 #︱music - Have discussions about your favorite music or have our 
                   music bots play them for you
 #︱pictures - Post almost anyform of pictures or video

🎃︱October The 31st (My first Novel I wrote 2018)

 #︱full-story - Read the full novel in all it's glory
 #︱feedback - Talk anything related to the novel
 #︱copyright - Basic laws
 #︱concept-art - All my orginal or future designs
 #︱music - Music I thought would fit to listen to while reading the novel
 #︱server - The official October The 31st discord server (join for 
                    information specifically for the series)

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