The People’s Republic of Proletarians

This community is centered on Left Wing Politics, Left Wing News, and entertainment; in an attempt to normalize and encourage political discussions in a casual environment.
In order to achieve a people's democracy, the people must be well informed and actively participate in political organizing/discussions in order to achieve class consciousness. It is imperative that we the people, are the one's to facilitate informed political discussions in order to encourage the development class consciousness, the first step towards achieving socialism.

We Believe in:

• Social & Economic Justice
• Economic Democracy
• Working Class Unity
• Internationalism
• Women's Rights
• Anti-Colonialism
• LGBTQ+ Liberation
• National Self-Determination
• Ecological Sustainability
• The Rights of Oppressed Peoples
• Fighting for a Better Future

We have:
• News resources and literature to analyze current events from a Marxist perspective
• Welcoming community
• Political Channels for discussions and Left wing literature
• Active Moderation
• Active VC for political discussions and extracurricular activities

Feel free to join us anytime, you have nothing to lose but your chains!

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