Sky: Children of the Light [INDONESIA]

Grup ini adalah sebuah grup untuk mencari teman, saling berbagi info tentang game Sky Children of the Light. Dan semua member diharapkan agar tetap nyaman dalam grup ini.

Keep enjoy and happy gaming guys..

Hormat kami,
Admin/Moderator Sky Children of the Light [Indonesia]

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15 Ratings
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    Best Community ever

    cece#5872February 8, 2021

    First of all, I join this server to search for Indonesian Player. But amazingly the moderator, admin and fellow friend are soooooo generously kind. This server provide a place to interact and play with each other, playing and listening your favourite music with your friend, place to get a heart with note hunter, and so on. I can't describe all the details to you, don't waste your time, just join here to get the best community and be the part of us. ❤️💞

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    One of the best Sky Community

    MarketThousand#1142February 7, 2021

    Im being lucky to know this servers. Everyone friendly, kind, and help each others

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    Luvvv 💛

    Cityy#7076February 7, 2021

    I'm glad that I found this server earlier when i was a moth 👁️👄👁️ this server help me a lot tbh, there's various channel at this server that can help you out about treasure candles positions, seasonal candles, or even find a guide/pilot to help you in-game 😆 people here are so friendly, and no toxic, so make sure you come join us here and prove it by yourself.

    Trust me, it works. *Eh malah iklan L-Men 👁️👄👁️😂🤣

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    I love this server!

    D7K#5246February 7, 2021

    I love being inside this server! The people are so friendly. You can ask for help if you need it. They will gladly help you!. This server also has many channels that will guide you too!. Sometimes the server will hold an event with various rewards, and of course, it's worth it to participate. There's Note Hunter too! These hunters will drop a like your note, and your note will be guaranteed to earn a heart.

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    fav community! (❁´◡`❁)

    c0conatsu#4099February 7, 2021

    i love being in this server❤
    it's very friendly and lively here! and everyone is very kind and helpful ;u;
    i don't feel lonely anymore in Sky and Discord since i joined this server xD
    everyone here is just like a family to me (/≧▽≦)/

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    Greatest server💕

    VeeAntari~#5364February 7, 2021

    I love this server. Admins and members are so nice and helpful.
    And this server has EVERYTHING... from guide - help complete the quest - candle run mate - and maybe your soulmate is here too~ :)
    Join in !!

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    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 11/10 Stars

    SuketSakit#0072February 7, 2021

    Serius ini server buagusss, dari segala aspek gada tandingan, dan yang paling paling paling paling paling... Beda dari server lain.. disini NO TOXIC
    Pokoknya jangan ragu join sini, member dan adminnya ramah ramah serius ga boong, kalo boong cubit aja orang disebelahmu :3
    Harus join! Ya?! Join! Buruan! Gausah mikir mikir lagi!! Udaaahhh berenti baca ripiu ini, tekan tombol JOIN se-ka-rang!!

    Masih juga baca yaaa... Hmmm join!! sini kamu tak HIH!! >:v

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    🧸 An oasis for friendship seeker 🧸

    Dea#8272February 6, 2021

    You know its really hard to meet Indonesian Player in Sky. This server provide you all you need such as love, friends, guides, heart trading, its player always ready to lead/accompany you to candle run, office even eden and reborn. And for me there’s no other complete-package-server as this server. You can stay introvert as you are and you can being extrovert when you want. Its my pleasure to knew splendid server like this ♥️ Your turn now !

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    Family Friendly Server

    Lily#2468February 6, 2021

    its my very first sky server. Having a lot of fun being a member here. Family friendly server, helpful guideline, no toxicity at all. And yes definitely, have the best note hunters Sky 🇲🇨... ever 💕

    This is a must join server, 5/5⭐
    Kuylahh join

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    best sky community :3

    eggbreaker#4867February 6, 2021

    first of all, i joined this server when i started play sky:childern of the light about 2 weeks (from Juny 2020) then i joined this server!. I really enjoyed on this server because there's so many people that is reaaaalllyyyyy niceeeeee:3. Also when i dunno how to, there also have a guide, and I found many new friend in here. All people are nice and sooo kind in here, and all moderator in here, love them

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    🌀 The most amazing server 🌀

    Fransisca Nero 🌀#9974February 6, 2021

    I really like this server, this server is my first server sky children of the light from Indonesia. There are many nice and good peole in this server, I can play and meet with many people, I can joke with them, I can laugh together with them, I can hear music with them too. Very fun. Come on join us :3.

  • User Icon
    Best server! ✨✨

    Novie#5237February 6, 2021

    Really enjoy being on this server, the people here are also friendly and of course very kind to others. This server is like a second home to me ❤

  • User Icon
    I enjoyed being a citizen here.

    Fiiro#6469February 5, 2021

    This server is the real definition of "home sweet home." if you're a Sky gamer.

    If you're looking for heartwarming server, friendly server that will always accept you and will guide you no matter who you are. Then this is the place for you.

  • User Icon
    Friendly Community Server!

    .L.#3970February 5, 2021

    A really friendly Indonesian Sky community and I feel so welcomed here! The moderators often engaged with the members and they keep the atmosphere lively!

    This is my first Sky:COTL server and the 7 months I spent here is already as precious to me🥺
    I'm not really socially active in general, but damn the it's really fun here I can't help join the crowd. I might as well call this my second home oho.

    Yuk join, kita bisa ngobrol dan mabar bareng :D

  • User Icon

    Kurochan#0019February 5, 2021

    I like this server, so comfortable and relaxing, All the members are very friendly, enjoying to joke