Our main goal is to grow and expand our server and make it a place where people can enjoy themselves, We chat, we vibe, have discussions, listen to music, anime/movies nights etc, gaming as well!
We are also open to any suggestions/ feedback people may have so feel free to ask away in our suggestions tab

  • We watch anime!
  • Play games with your preferred system / console!
  • Movies Nights
  • If your looking to vibe with others and grow JOIN!
  • Share socials!


This server is for anime lovers and gamers. Looking to vibe and expand with new people and socialise to get to know one another, We hope to get new members so we can grow and have a good time together!

We also have admin spots open, partners and staff positions feel free to apply when you join, or you could just vibe out with us, look forward to meeting new members!

All are welcome!

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