Come to the land of the lost and lonely, don't be afraid we'll be one big family, of weebs, like you and me!
What the server is about:
Anime ⛩️ | Memes 🍬 | Social 🐶 | Kpop 🎤 | Custom Emotes 🎴 | Gaming 🎮 | Social 📱 | fun 🎊 | Chill 🎧 | Art 🖌️
Bots 🤖 | Friendly members and SFW server 🍨

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3 Ratings
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    Invite expired

    sshkit#6008September 4, 2021

    Can the invite be updated?

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    I agree with Wolfie#8710

    Umaru Chan#6016January 23, 2021

    As the title suggests, I agree with Wolfie#8710, the server is just underrated, just need more members, so hurry up and join it, great server overall has everything that needs to be, even with a low amount of members, most of the members are active and friendly which makes it a great server. AGAIN JOIN THE SERVER!!!

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    i love the server

    Wolfie#8710January 23, 2021

    So, I rated it 5 stars because I think that the server got everything even though they got a small number of members, is still active and friendly, well moderated and server owner is really nice, I 100% recommend you to join this server.