A server where farmers live their life. Each farmer has their own world they can select when they first arrive in the server. There are premade worlds that are farm ready containing a large island in the middle of the void (or ocean) with large plains of grass and trees. Its up to the player to plant crops and sell these to earn money, buy more crops and land to harvest on.

Each player will start with a certain amount of fertile soil, on which they can plant standard crops. The more money they earn the more land they can fertilize using a hoe. Each player can completely stylize their land with houses, storages, crops and fields.

Besides farming, players can create mob stables to house animals. Breeding is disabled so buying cattle will require money. Animals can cause different things like milk, meat and fertilizer.

The world is expandable by buying more land, this causes you to increase your bordersize. By increasing land (buying land) land will be auto generated on the edges (x amount of chunks). If not for another method.

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