Launched | CityOfChicagoRP

The City Of Chicago Is a full community-based server meaning you create the decisions, every action you do has a reaction. You own the stores and manage the economy. Do you want to be a dealership owner and own a dealership anywhere you want? you can do that here. You want to own your own store, go to the ghost store and buy and manage your own gun store, store, food palace, anywhere on the map. Are you interested in doing underground jobs like becoming a drug runner, owning a cartel or gang? you can do that. Have you ever thought about joining the police force on an amazing esx server? you sure as hell can do that. Or do you want to stick to the good side of things and work under one of our 13 businesses, you can play this server alone and still not get bored. Anything is possible in the CityOfChicago.

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