Ablivion DayZ Deer Isle [PC]

We would like to welcome you to our growing community to a new experience that is about to happen with experienced developers, We will be creating a place where everybody can have fun and enjoy whether you like the PvP or PvE side of things they'll always be something for everyone, So we would like to thank anyone that joins in advance and hope to see you looting around Deer Isle with us!

Mods Included:

⦁ Base Building
⦁ Advanced Group system
⦁ Advanced Airdrops
⦁ Survival Missions
⦁ PvE with PvP Zones and full weekend PvP and Raiding
⦁ King of the hill
⦁ Advanced Airdrops
⦁ Vehicles Including Custom Vehicles, Boats and Helicopters
⦁ Full range of modded Weapons to choose from
⦁ Mod which enables grow, Package and sell of drugs
⦁ Banking System to store hard earned money
⦁ Keycarded bunker system with high tier loot
⦁ Custom PvP zones around the map for the battles
⦁ Discord Killfeed

And Much More Being Developed By The Day, Hope To See You Join Our Discord And Look Out For Our Constant Work Pushed Out Onto The Server

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