302 Roleplay

302 Roleplay

302 Roleplay is an extreme-realism Roleplay Server currently in development. 302 Roleplay hopes to provide a fun and versatile roleplay community primarily gauged at adults in FiveM. We have strict policies to keep the RP realistic and fun at the same time.

Single-Department System:
302 Roleplay uses a single-department system, the San Andreas Department of Public Safety. While it may seem like this is going to make it harder for LEOs to roleplay how they want, it's exactly the opposite. Do you hate being restricted to BCSO or SAST? Well with the DPS you can patrol LSPD, SAST, or BCSO. Depending on the AOP, you can patrol whichever department you'd like!

No-Interference Staff Policy:
Do you hate your Roleplay scenario being ruined by rude staff members that don't know what's actually happening? Well, our extremely well-trained staff team are prohibited from entering a RP scenario unless it involves a hacker. Our staff team is trained to wait until after the scene to speak to the problem-causer. With this, your roleplay--good or bad--will never be interrupted.

‣ Paid LEO and CIV vehicles
‣ SonoranCAD Pro Subscription
‣ Custom EUP
‣ Paid/Custom YMAPs
‣ 24/7 Staff Team
‣ Whitelist LEO + FD
‣ Civilian-Hosted Departments
‣ Active Giveaways
‣ Mature Owners and Staff
‣ Infinite Learning Experiences
‣ No Playtime Requirements

Well, now that we have outlined the basic features of 302 Roleplay, it's up to you to check us out! We understand not every server is perfect for every individual, but we ask that you check us out. We've provided our links and promotions at the bottom of this message. Check us out!

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