DayZ Trader Bot

The all in one trader you will ever need!
With this bot you can open an order with the trader and use this bot for your servers economy with many options enabled!

Pick from over 1200 items in our premade library of in game items using the following:
1: [$newcase]-[$neworder]
2: [$search itemname]
3: [$buy itemname amount]
4: [$sell itemname amount]
5: [$pay] to finalise your trader order

You can open an order, search and select each item you require and the amount. This will then be added to your trader order to buy or sell on a produced invoice to pay using [$total caseid] Your CaseID Will be provided.

Remove items from the Buy and Sell:

Once you have paid, head on down to your local trader for collection or sale of goods! Your Trader will let you know when its ready.

Admin and Traders can also view:
Open Orders/cases can be viewed using - [$listcases]
And ONLY when paid Trader/Admin - [$close caseid]

DayZ Trader Bot and Currency
Dayz trader bot & currency systems is a simpler way to trade and calculate players orders all in one place hassle free with a detailed and editable price list fit for any DayZ server!

All prices can be changed to suit your servers needs using [$csv]

For more help and a full list of commands Please use [$tradehelp] in the allocated trader channel or any server channel where the bot is.

Brought To You by:
CustomDayZServices - DayZ Madness - Omnipotent

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